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White Beans
Origin: Egypt

White Beans

White beans are also known as cannellini or alubia beans. When pureed, they are similar to creamy mashed potatoes and make a perfect low fat base for dips and spreads. White beans are used in cuisines worldwide, especially in Mediterranean influenced dishes, such as barboucha in Algeria and Morocco, fasoulia in Iraq and minestrone soup in Italy.

White beans are rich in fiber, iron and magnesium. They also have a very low glycemic index and have detoxifying properties. Unlike red meat, a source of protein, white beans have a much lower calorie count and are virtually fat free.

We export the best quality of white beans to North Africa and the Middle East under our brand Habba Habba. In addition we offer a superior quality of white beans for canners in Italy, Spain and the UK, which is graded, colour sorted and finally handpicked by a team of women under the strictest ISO and HACCP standards.

White beans are rich in fiber, iron and magnesium,very low glycemic index and have detoxifying properties, protein, low calorie count and fat free.

A team of women hand picks white beans in the production line.


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