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Split Broad Beans
Origin: UK

Split Beans
Origin: France, UK, Australia

Split Beans

Egypt consumes approximately 70 percent of its beans in split form, which are used primarily for tamayya or falafel mixes. Split beans are made into a paste which is mixed with vegetables, herbs and spices and then fried to form a patty.

Tamayya are usually served in a pita bread, with salads, pickled vegetables, hot sauce, and drizzled with tahini sauce.

Tamayya sandwiches are found all over the world and recently has found itself being popular into mainstream street food culture. It is substituted as a healthier and more cost effective product than meat and chicken sandwiches.

At Habba Habba we produce 500MT of split beans daily under six brands that cater to the whole spectrum of tamayya vendors and restaurants.

Egypt consumes approximately 70% of its beans in split form

Egyptian Falafels (or Ta'amia)


FalafeeloGrade 1Australia

ObourGrade 2Australia

FalafeeloGrade 1France

AfreetGrade 2France

FalafeeloGrade 1UK

FalafeeloGrade 2UK

Habba HabbaHPS Quality500gms
Carton 10x0.5KG = 5KG