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Green Peas
Origin: Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Syria, Turkey.

Whole Yellow Peas
Origin: Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Syria, Turkey

Yellow Split Peas
Origin: Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Syria, Tukey.


Cultivated peas are classified into two types; garden peas and field peas which are also known as dried peas. The second type is distinguished by its smooth seed surface and come in two major varieties; the green cotyledon and yellow cotyledon. Green peas generally have a stronger taste than yellow peas. Whole peas are normally hydrated by soaking and can be canned or frozen and then served as a vegetables. A large portion of whole peas are split to be used in casseroles, soups and as an accompaniment to rice and meat dishes.

Peas are high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Most of the calories from peas are from proteins and complex carbohydrates, thus they have a low glycemic index of 31 compared to a glycemic index of 94 for baked potatoes and thus are a healthy choice for diabetics. Substances in peas called phytonutrients are responsible for its many benefits such as having anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

At Habba Habba, we clean and grade green whole peas for the canning industry, whole yellow peas for the falafel market in the Middle East, split yellow peas for the World Food Program (WFP) and neighboring Arab and African countries, and finally we split green peas for the European and African continents.

100gms of Peas have 66% of recommended daily vitamin C.

Yellow Peas Chaat


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