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Origin: Australia & Ethiopia


Lupins are high in protein, roughly containing four times more than whole grain wheat, and are high in dietary fiber and antioxidants. They are very low in starch, and, like all legumes, are gluten-free. Hence, lupins are a healthier substitute for snacking than roasted peanuts, dried fruits and pumpkin seeds.

Lupins come in two varieties; sweet which comes mainly from Australia, and bitter which comes from Chile, Ethiopia and Morocco.

Lupins are commonly sold in salty solutions like olives and pickles in the Mediterranean basin, especially in Egypt, Portugal, Greece and Italy, and can be eaten with or without the skin. It is either sold in jars or as a popular street snack after being treated with several soakings of water which is then brined.

Lupini beans are called termes in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Israel and Palestine and as altramuzin Spain and Argentina.

Lupins are one of the highest sources of protien

Lupin Falafels


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